Less than two weeks ago we were on white sandy beaches, watching the sun set from the Jetty Bar, enjoying a beer and each other’s company for the Envest Summit. Our theme for this year was “Technology – it’s here. What are we doing about it to change or improve our businesses?” Thanks to Mark and Simon for giving their views and insights into a world a lot of us don’t think about day to day. I also appreciate the effort our panel members went to, sharing their different views on how we should be using technology and the impact it may or may not have on our various businesses.

This year we had 85 attendees which included roughly 50 business partners, across 25 businesses. It has been a tremendous year of growth for all of us and the Summit is an opportunity to stop and reflect on what we have achieved, the highs and the lows, and reset for another year of smashing goals.

My personal highlight each year is celebrating the many successes in the Group with the Envest Awards which are becoming quite competitive! This year saw Aviso Tas and John MacMurray take out Business of the Year, for performing the best across all four prize categories. This was so well deserved along with Point, Blue Zebra, Insurance Aid and Allstate for their achievements.

In addition to this we inaugurated David Bailey into the Envest “Hall of Fame”. Bails is only the second inductee and richly deserved. He was the first investment we made into a broker in Australia and we have seen him and the business flourish after doing the hard yards. As we always say, it takes ten years to be an overnight success, Bails and Eagle are testament to this.

We also had a bit of fun on the night. At Envest one of our mantras is not to take ourselves too seriously. I think it is important to have the ability to look back on some of the challenges that we’ve had in a light-hearted manner, acknowledge it and move forward, determined to make things right. I really appreciate everyone taking it with a pinch of salt and having laugh.

Post Summit, what is most pleasing for me is the camaraderie we are building within the Group. Over the past two events we have talked a lot about the Envest Ecosystem and encourage the businesses to work together more. There is still a way to go but no doubt it improves year on year.

The Summit re-enforces that you are not alone and have a very supportive group to help and care for each other. I have had so many requests for contact details post Summit and enjoyed watching lots of side meetings happening throughout the event. Once again having the spouses along was a success and supports the family values we talk about.

In closing, I couldn’t be more positive about where things are going within the team and in your businesses. In June we had three rising stars acquire equity in our businesses. This supports the notion that our business is first and foremost about good quality people and we are actively investing in our people and our business future.

If you haven’t already, please take the time to fill out our post Summit survey as we want next year to be even better. Here is the link again if you need it: TAKE THE SURVEY

Look forward to talking to you all again in November.