Getting the job done and enjoying the ride

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How we get the job done

At Envest, we believe that we can both get the job done, and have a good time at the same time. We don’t shy away from the hard work it takes to be successful.

In fact, our team of over 900 talented people aim high and are generous with their expertise.

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Ardonagh Community Trust (ACT)

We ACT in our communities

Envest in partnership with the Ardonagh Community Trust (ACT), give back to the communities we operate in and support our employees with match funding, community grants, charitable partnerships.

Under the banner of ACT we also volunteer, fundraise and donate goods and services. To date ACT has globally raised more than $10million in support of the people, causes and communities that matter to our Ardonagh colleagues around the world.

For more information visit Ardonagh Community Trust (https://ardonaghtrust.org)

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Partnering with headspace

The Envest Group is pleased to announce it has partnered with headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, for 2024.

Through the partnership, we will support vital services and programs at headspace that help young people get back on track after tough times. Each year, headspace helps thousands of young people access vital support through headspace drop-in centres in 156 communities across Australia[1], online and phone counselling services, vocational services, and school programs.

As part of the partnership, the Envest Group will;

  • hear from guest speakers from headspace at our events and employee wellbeing days
  • participate in headspace fundraising events like the annual push up challenge
  • make headspace our fundraising partner for fun runs and conferences
  • encourage our staff and families to make use of the many online and in-person resources that headspace has to offer
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