All Parks Insurance joins the Envest Group

Envest buys a majority stake in All Parks Insurance

Entrepreneurial insurance distribution and investment company Envest has acquired a majority interest in All Parks Insurance, an underwriting agency specialising in the tourism and accommodation sector.

Founded by Julie Pernecker in 2011 to provide specialist insurance for caravan park proprietors, All Parks Insurance is now the market leader and brokers choice for Caravan and Holiday Parks, Holiday and Resort Villages, Relocatable Home Estates, Camping grounds and Boutique Style Accommodation.

Envest Managing Director Greg Mullins said Ms Pernecker would remain a significant shareholder, CEO and Director of All Parks, and together, Envest’s involvement represented a growing interest in a thriving sector of Australian tourism – camping and caravanning.

“Envest specialises in acquiring and growing underwriting agencies that have a niche product and distribution – All Parks fits the bill and also has an excellent market reputation and established client base,” Mr Mullins said.

“Their competitive advantage in the market is not only specialised policy wording but their proactive approach to risk management and the ability to provide experienced advice and service.”

Director Julie Pernecker said the company worked closely with industry associations and brokers to give Park operators appropriate cover and the necessary knowledge to survive the ever-changing insurance requirements of today’s world.

“All Parks are the only devoted national underwriting agency that specialises in this market,” Mrs Pernecker said.

“Our aim is not only to write insurance policies but also to assist parks in developing proper risk management controls. Therefore, our underwriting standards do not necessarily relate only to the quality of the assets but more to the quality and attitude of Park Management.

“This ensures that both the operator and the insurer win – keeping premiums and claims costs low.”

Mrs Pernecker said All Parks were the recognised specialist insurers for Big 4 Holiday Parks, Top Tourist Parks of Australia and Family Parks of Australia, and members of all State-based camping and caravanning associations.

Mr Mullins said the Envest acquisition of All Parks was completed in March and is the first of a number of acquisitions planned for the first half of the year.

“Envest offers a network to leverage, administration help and peer support to all of its companies, this will be an incredible opportunity for both Envest and All Parks to move to the next level.”

Mrs Pernecker said she was excited to be working with the Envest team and looking forward to the opportunities that lay ahead for the All Parks team.

“Greg, Richard and Rob have been in the insurance game for a long time and I’ve met them previously as board directors at various times, and we have a solid working relationship,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to working with them in a closer capacity and leveraging the experience and network support within the Envest group.”

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