Collaboration at it’s best…

A great example of two “Envested” companies collaborating for a win, win…

Claim Central Consolidated has partnered with Club 4X4 in an exclusive three-year deal that will see the digital claims management specialist providing end-to-end motor services and digital claim management technology to the niche underwriting agency.

Club 4X4 has been offering a bespoke set of personal lines products, including specialist 4WD motor, camper trailer, caravan, and slide-on camper coverages, to the off-road touring enthusiast market for almost four years now.

“The growth and retention of our enthusiast customer base has superceded our expectations and cemented our brand in the niche insurance agency landscape,” said Kalen Ziflian, general manager at Club 4X4. “This same growth underpinned our recent investment to shift our operations to our new head office in the Parramatta CBD.”

Claim Central will act as third-party administrator managing Club 4X4’s claims end-to-end as part of the operational transition.

“We are extremely proud to have partnered with the Club 4X4 team, by enabling our people with the best-in-class technology and information we will have the ability to set Club 4X4 apart from their competition,” said Sam Ratcliff, Claim Central Consolidated spokesperson.

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