What we do

Envest is a private, entrepreneurial insurance investment and distribution business. We invest in and support innovative, best-in-class insurance and financial services businesses to achieve their growth objectives.

We are constantly on the lookout for merger and acquisition opportunities, as well as seeking young entrepreneurs willing to back themselves and their business. We have a great track record of incubating start-ups, often by giving individuals the confidence to create their own business.


Why join the Envest Ecosystem?

Envest knows the finance and insurance industry intimately. We believe in the ability of our businesses to drive growth and profitability, and we provide back of house support and access to a network of complementary business opportunities.

Insurance Brokers

We invest in brokers that align with the Envest national broker network – Aviso Group.


Through this network we create scale and efficiencies that support our brokers to grow and deliver best in class service.

Underwriting Agencies

Envest currently has eleven agencies servicing niche market segments.


Our underwriting businesses provide unique products at a low cost with mass distribution via our cutting edge technology platforms.

Insurance Related

We invest in businesses providing products and services that add value and support our brokers and agencies.


We currently invest in various insurance related businesses, including premium funding, life and financial planning, claims management and insurance technology businesses.

Our Partner Promise

To assist in identifying growth opportunities through merger and acquisition activity;

To provide a strong balance sheet to support investment partners with growth opportunities; and

To provide vendor finance or assistance with arranging finance and structuring.

Envest has a reputation for backing entrepreneurs into their own businesses and providing them with significant capital and key back office support with the aim to:

To achieve this we provide financial, advisory and legal support including;

  • Start-up accounting and compliance support

  • Ongoing board reporting & budgeting

  • Tax and structuring assistance

  • Mergers and acquisitions support

  • Due Diligence, valuation and business plans

  • Legal counsel

  • Contracts, licensing, compliance, governance

Envest Board

Barry Fitzpatrick
Barry Fitzpatrick

Barry  has been the Managing Director of Fitzpatrick Insurance Brokers for over 25 years and is currently Envest Chairman.

Brad Hogan
Brad Hogan

Brad is Founder & Chairman of Badger International with more than 25 years’ experience in running an international insurance and investment firm.

Richard Enthoven
Richard Enthoven

Richard is Founder and CEO of Hollard Insurance Australia, Co-Founder of Greenstone and a former President of the Insurance Council of Australia

Colin Fagen
Colin Fagen

Colin is Co-Founder and Managing Director Blue Zebra Insurance.  He was formerly COO of QBE Insurance, a former Director & President of Insurance Council of Australia and former Director of ANZIIF.

Rob Ellis
Rob Ellis

Rob is an equity partner and represents Envest as a non-executive director on a number of investment partner boards.

Greg Mullins
Greg Mullins

Greg is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Envest. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and is a director on a number of investment partner boards.

Richard Turner
Richard Turner

Richard Turner is the Head of Principal Investments for Macquarie Capital in Australia and New Zealand. He is active in a number of investments.

Macquarie Capital is a strategic investor and finance partner for the Envest group.

Management Team

The Envest head office is based in Brisbane with extended offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Canberra.

Gregory Mullins
Gregory Mullins
Partner & MD

As the Managing Director of Envest, I am responsible for delivering partner and Envest strategic objectives.

My role is to deliver new opportunities, manage expectations and key stakeholders; and partner with the board to support and improve the businesses in our portfolio.

Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker
Chief Financial Officer
As the CFO of Envest I am responsible for leadership of the financial functions of the business.

I provide support to the MD and the Board in the delivery of strategy and ensure best practice governance is embedded in the business.

With a diverse background across listed, private equity backed and privately owned companies, I develop strong relationships with a broad range of stakeholders and bring extensive deal structuring and transaction execution experience to the team.

Richard Heilig
Richard Heilig
Chief Commercial Officer

Richard is an equity partner and Chief Commercial Officer with responsibilities for Envest’s agency strategy, execution and operational efficiency. Richard has been involved in the insurance industry for over 20 years and was formerly Chief Executive Officer of Hollard Commercial Insurance (HCi) and Hollard Board member. Richard has significant board, business and industry experience adds tremendous value to Envest and our investment partners.

Craig Robson
Craig Robson
Partner & CEO Aviso Group

As CEO of Aviso Group, I am responsible for delivering Envest’s Insurance Broker Strategy, while working with Envest Management Team on the broader Envest Strategy.

My role is to execute on the Key Priorities and Objectives for the Group, working with each of our broker businesses on increasing returns, as well as assisting with new opportunities in the intermediary market.

Strategic Partners

Envest and our partners rely on a range of strategic partners that have experience and expertise that we collectively don’t have. We are proud to be associated with the following businesses that help us all deliver on our goals and aspirations. We appreciate their ongoing commitment and support.

Equity Partners

Our equity partners are an exclusive group of individuals who have invested private funds into Envest, to invest in growth businesses in the insurance and finance sector. Our investors have a strong understanding of the industry and extensive business experience. As a result, the Envest portfolio has experienced tremendous growth in the past five years and we continue to see opportunities to expand our success in the Australian market.

We have recently partnered with Macquarie Capital, a global financial services organisation with Australian heritage, to accelerate our growth. Macquarie joined the shareholder register in October 2020. To date, Envest has provided exceptional returns well above industry standards to our equity partners.

If you are interested in investing in Envest, please contact Gregory Mullins for a private and confidential discussion.

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