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Startups & Insurtech Gateway

Envest has found a particular niche investing in insurance start-up businesses.

To date, Envest has incubated three brokers, eight underwriting agencies and two insurance-related start-ups with a 100% success rate. The advantage we have over other investment companies is our industry knowledge and access to private funds, means we can take a longer term and more patient approach. Envest has also collaborated with Insurtech Gateway Australia to incubate ideas and founders in the insurtech space.

Insurance Related / Tech

Envest does not back start-up’s for a ‘quick win’ or trade sale of IPO as soon as possible. We believe in building long term sustainable businesses that solve problems, improve customer experiences and ultimately build value for owners that put their heart and soul into their businesses.

Insurtech Australia Partner

Envest is proud to be a partner with Insurtech Australia. Envest is committed to supporting startup’s in Australia and further afield, but we are particularly interested in investing in technology solutions that solve the many challenges the Insurance Industry faces. Envest has recently backed four businesses that we believe are at the forefront of the Insurtech evolution and we look forward to supporting many more of these ventures in the future.

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